Uçmayı seven çekici hatun kişiler onlar ; Base Girls. Yükseklerden kendilerini boşluğa bırakan çılgınlar. Allah böyle bir tane nasip etsin der haberin orjinali ile birlikte videosunu da alta koyar geçerim (:


Moab is a wonderland of multi-sport activity. Unfortunately the weather is very unpredictable and even the slightest shift can end a BASE jumping project. Clair Marie, aka BASE girl, learns this the hard way when she goes to Moab to climb and BASE jump Castleton Tower, a spectacular pinnacle of rock reigning over Castleton Valley. After being shut down by the weather on two separate occasions Clair finally gets a break in the weather and takes full advantage to do the 3-4 pitch climb hauling all her BASE gear to the top of the tower. Of course, there’s only one way down, and it’s pretty damn cool. Do You Know About this Insanely Cool BASE Challenge in Moab?


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